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Fellow me !  

Yop Carambar
Carambar flavoured Yop is GoOD !

1) Yop created and marketed by Yoplait, is a yogurt drink sold in supermarkets and convenience stores.
2) Carambar is a chewy caramel candy from France (there are many different flavours all available in multipacks) but the more famous and classical is CARAMEL ! This sweet, in the form of a bar was christened Caram'bar.

Yop CarambarYop has signed no actual deal with Carambar this time, but the taste is exactly the same! That's a very good Yop, Carambar tastes so good ! I am addicted to sugar (and coffee !), and after having drunk all of it I had a headache lol !

If you can't do that in the USA, I advice you to try a carambar and a normal Yop and then this.

Enjoy !

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