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Fellow me !  

My church in Paris : Trinity international Church !
Maybe you don't know but I'm a christian, I love Jesus Christ, or rather I'm loved by Jesus Christ :)

Anyway, I've been wanting to talk about my church in Paris for a long time : Trinity ! Speaking about a christian community is not so easy for me...
How to begin with ?!
Everything is in English ! But there is a translation into french ^^ I've been serving the Lord for more or less 2 years in this service and I was so blessed, like translating Pastor Bob from BOTR church (from New Jersey) :)

The church is not perfect (just like us :)) and is lead by Alan, an american missionary pastor.
The sermons are really biblicals, here you won't see extravagant stuff, but something peaceful (to be honest, as for me, it is too quiet  !  I feel more comfortable somewhere more "nervous" like in BOTR, but i'm attached to my brothers and sisters).

The community is implanted in the 5eme arrondissement of Paris, 58 rue madame, all information is here :

In my church, I would say the ethnicity is half asian and the other half would be a mix of americans and every kind of people (french people are quite rare). But the name is true : Trinity really is an INTERNATIONAL church in Paris :)

And because it is international, people back and forth a lot, some people come for a few weeks, others for a few months (people who stay for years are a minority, like Paris or New york maybe ? :)).

Which is a super cool thing if you want a lot of connections all around the world ! But at the same time it is hard because you get attached to people and you directly know all of it is not going to last. But then why not going to see your new friends in every part of the world ?!

you need to have the heart of a missionary :) I let you think about this :)

If you are coming to Paris and looking for a Church biblicaly right and in English : come and visit us :) Maybe you will fall in love with our community, like a lot of people in the whole world :)

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