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Fellow me !  

Slackline !
What is slackline ?!

Slackline is a kind of modern "tightrope walking" ! You fix the rope under 2 hard stuffs, like trees or poles and you use the tensioner and then... There you go ! you are webbging like spiderman ^^

I'm using the slackline "tensioner"
I'm using the slackline "tensioner"

Slacklining is a new sport growing everywhere in Usa and France, it is cool because you can adapte this practice in a natural environment or in a total urban version (for my first try I've been a lucky man because a friend brought me in the garden of Versailles, like for my last run !).

Slacklining is super healthy because it works your balance. I think everyone can practice slackline but it is not easy to begin, as for everything : you need to practice to get better...

for my first times I needed help, I couldnt walk alone. After a few minutes I grew better but still not independent. If I practice more I think i can progress of course :)

Anyways, to conclude my feelings after trying slackline : super cool and I would be happy to do it again :)

slackline : you are supposed to walk on this rope !
slackline : you are supposed to walk on this rope !

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