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Proteins for sports What are proteins ?

Something natural !  naturally present in the food and vital to be healthy ! You have different kinds of proteins, mainly from animals as in meat and fish ! You also have vegetal proteins (yes!) as in oat or peanuts for example (but you there are many others ! if you are interested in it, you can find a lot of good examples on google).

Why ?

Proteins for sportsBecause you need them ! When you practice sports you destroy fibres of muscles. For instance, with musculation you destroy a lot of them ! To build muscle you need a lot of stuff and the more important to regenerate and build them is…  proteins ! To resume : proteins are used for muscle development or/and good recovery !

Why proteins in powder ?

It is not a drug but ALIMENTARY COMPLEMENT ! It is allowed, in complement of your normal alimentation in order to add more proteins to your organism for metabolic optimisation. That is to say to give the nutritional needs which the athlete's body needs to recover and progress ! For sports endurance and strength (like body building, musculation) !

How ? How many times take proteins ?

My personal advice is to take proteins by cures of 2 or 3 months maximum to help you in your intenses trainings. You can take one shaker (with water or milk) after each training, and never have a normal meal 2 hours before you have your shaker (in order not to make your digestif system lazy! I can explain it to you on my facebook if you want more details !).

Drink one bottle of water a day minimum when you take proteins in powder, to help yours waists.

2 super brands : Twinlab ! And the french m EAFit because it tastes really good and different (like cinnamon etc !).

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