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Happy 150th Printemps Paris !
1865-2015 : Printemps Paris celebrates its 150th birthday

With its commitment to elegance, innovation, service culture and sharing stronger than ever, Printemps Paris is celebrating its one hundred and fiftieth birthday with the Happy 150th event. Intended to pay homage to the store's name, the event will celebrate rebirth and renewal by transforming the Printemps Paris department store into a spectacular garden brimming with attractions in which the flower in all its forms and the colour pink in all its nuances set the tone for the store's products.

She's pink all over to match her name... Rose. This cute creature with a flower-topped head is the mascot for Printemps' 150th birthday (the super chic amazing guy is me :) )

She sprung from the imagination of the Japanese artist Hiroshi Yoshii. Don't miss her in your Printemps Paris store. Bubbly and adorable, Rose will be the face of all the festivities and an XXL version of her will adorn the façade of Printemps Paris Haussmann.

Spotlight on Hiroshi Yoshii

Hiroshi Yoshii was born in 1962 in Aichi, Japan.
Hiroshi worked as a graphic designer before becoming a freelance illustrator in 1990.
His world quickly became populated with a unique brand of poetic, fun characters.
In 2003, his passion for creating characters naturally turned to 3D software, opening up new creative and production possibilities for the designer.
In 2006, he began producing his characters in large volumes and selling them on the internet. His creations drew a large fan-base worldwide, turning him into a leading international figure in the world of character design and creation.

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