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Fellow me !  

menu mc first Thank you Mac Donald's !  I am not gonna lie : I'm a fan of fast foods and burgers ! And so am I of Mc Donald's products.

mc donald's menu mc first McFirst : for less than 6 bucks you get traditional potatoes, a soda in a big (french) size and a burger. I tried the "Boeuf moutarde ranch" burger (ranch beef with mustard, and in it you have onions, cheddar and tomatoes) : and i I was not disappointed! You can also choose the other burger "poulet ketchup" (chicken ketchup) or a salad, but I'm not a turtle to eat salad as a main meal ! ;)

if you don't have a lot of money and want to eat good stuff easily just go to a Mac Donald's! It is definitely a great value.

I need to share a really important point : these fast foods restaurants are a lot healthier in France than in the US, the composition is less chemical here in Europe but it is still fast food of course. However I must admit they taste better in the US in my opinion.

Mac First
Good burger ! Yum Yuuuuum :)

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