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Fellow me !  

Selfy with Sox my fox terrier
Fox Terrier

This is my fox terrier : Sox !

If you want a super sweet dog : adopt one of them ! Always very dynamic and asking for cuddles, there is no such thing as enough for him !
He is naturally really obedient, it is incredible : if you tell him to go to his doghouse he will just go ! he actually feels reassured by orders !
He is very respectful with kids and likes playing with them ! Never aggressive: you need to be careful with kids because this kind of dog accepts to be hurt and does not answer to kids.
Initially the fox terrier was created to hunt foxes ! The creators wanted a tiny dog in order to enter in foxes holes and strong enough to attack them ! and then the fox terrier was born !

As for Sox he is a very emotional doggy, we always have to be careful with him : if we speak too loud etc he would pee easily from emotion ! But that's just how HE is, because keep in mind that each dog is unique and has his own personnality which doesn't always have to be linked to his breed.

Sox my fox terrier love fireplaces
like a lot of animal : he likes hot stuff ! fireplace is an amazing place for him :)

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