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Fellow me !  

Costa coffee
Costa Coffee vs Starbucks !

I'm a big fan of coffee ! Maybe I am addicted ! I think the better coffee in the whole world is the american "Wawa coffee" which can be found in several regions of the US, especially in New Jersey !

Costa coffeeSo, I am not here to talk about Wawa coffee but rather about Costa Coffee, that you can find in some parts of Paris. I have tried a kind of Starbucks caramel macchiato which was very very good !

It is really hard to choose but both products (Starbucks and Costa) are really good in all points : the milk and the taste of coffee... bro it is so so good !

Before choosing I need to talk about the cup : it is so comfortable, it looks like a porcelain cup, the system is so well done you don't need any cardboard to protect your hand from the heat of the beverage !

PackagingCosta Coffee : win !  Starbucks : lose
Service : Costa : LOSE,  Starbucks : WIN !
Taste (for the "caramel macchiato") : Costa Coffee : win ! Starbucks : lose

Yeah man, because the taste of coffee is really more present in the Costa one and it really matters to me :)
I choose Costa BUT only if you have enough time to order one and by that I mean if you are super patient (I'm not) ! Man, too long to serve few people, the employees look super busy even having nothing to do (and I am saying this as a former espresso bar manager!).

EDIT : After visiting the Opera I made a second visit on April 12 in the Saint Michel one : I was served very slowly (for an americano and cappuccino), the glasses had coffee over the cup, and even though the barista « kindly » wiped it with a towel he did not have the idea to remake the drink. I was in a hurry and as I had been waiting too long, I took my drink and left.

Costa in Paris :  a company of slow and incompetent  baristas !

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