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Fellow me !  

Right Now in Paris, tv's and medias are a lot focused in the Cop21 (Conference of the parties).

Now is Cop21 ! It's like the terrosit attack of the last days have never existed. It's crazy to see how people follow the TV, if TV talks about terrorist attacks you have no one in the streets. After the terrorist attacks in San Francisco every body felt safe there, and went to the streets, like nothing bad had ever happened few days ago ! It reminds me of the attack of "Charlie hebdo". All around the world, everyone is shocked, for a few days, for a few weeks maximum and after that, it's like it never happened, and a few months after... (not even a year bro ! just a few monts) : kaboom ! This world is so sad, man...
Anyway, I'm not here to talk about that, the people who know me know that for sure about me : I don't like talking about about the bad aspects of society or stuff like that, I prefer to stay focused on the good points in life, in Jesus Christ. Maybe because I'm a coward. I'm not saying it is bad to put the eyes on Jesus ! It is the best choice of one's life, but it is easy to be an hypocrite and act like bad things never happen around us.

Gosh stop it, Pascal : talk about the Cop21 now ! ok ok ^^

Ikea gave a present for everyone walking on the Avenue des Champs Elysées (possibly the most beautiful avenue in the world), and it is an ecological one, yeaaah !

What is it?

A lot of stuff like in this video, where you can see an activity aiming to generate energy :
I'm not saying it is a solution for the world, but it's a good initiative, I guess :)
All the energy being produced is used to enlight the decorations of the avenue ! Isn't that cool ?!
You have different activities, I personaly tryied this circle; like a mouse in a cage ^^ But it is so funny, and the lights are really cool :)
you have bicycles too and other stuff :)

A super cool point (and normal for me), it that this year, the lights are three times less electricity-consuming than last year.

Thank you Ikea ^^

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