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Fellow me !  

Good Candies Cavendish & Harvey
Good Candies Cavendish & Harvey at Versailles !

The Cavendish & Harvey Confectionery GmbH is a competent supplier of hard and soft caramels in all market relevant packaging. Our products are produced especially under our own direction in our location in Kaltenkirchen. The most important prerequisite for the safeguarding and improvement of our high standards is our workers reliability, commitment and motivation as well as their constant readiness for further development.

Ok bro, these were the first sentences of the official website ! As for me, I tried this super candy for the first time of my life in the amazing french city VERSAILLES to see the new exposition in the garden of the famous king.

First try : Coffee flavour (i'm adicted to coffee !) and Rhubarb ! and, i'm super surprised by the taste, in general I prefer candies less sofisticated, and I actually enjoyed this one : you have to keep it in your mouth for a long time because it is hard and you need to suck it slowly. In general I bite this kind of candies (As for lolly pops), but for this one I had to take forever to enjoy the flavour (very sweet but not too much). In general I directly feel the sugar in my brain after eating a "normal" candy like the super twizzlers ! But for these ones I think the glicemia takes more time because the quality of it is better :)

anyways, this experience was super good, my tastes have changed, now I enjoy candies of quality and more traditionals ! But my favourite is still the same than before hehehheheee


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